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The story
North pole’s adventures


“Artilia is a funny, entertaining but dramatic animation tale about North Pole’s animals. The story about an adorable little polar bear, Baart, who can not kill other animals, and his misguided friends fighting for survival in the tundra. It’s a story that touches on different important topics such as the effect of human presence on nature, finding your purpose, and the importance of helping others. It does so with a cast of lively characters, and in a way that’s appealing to a PG friendly audience.” – Script Pipeline Competition, 2019



“This can be a commercial screenplay. Screenplays about the environment are generally on demand, and the subject is in tune with today’s climate change reality. It’s a subject that a younger generation needs so they can be more sensitive to the environment around them. The route of animation and the target of a more youthful demographic are the right choices for this screenplay. There have been animation movies about the environment which were very successful. This one focuses on the North Pole and the hunting down of the animals there. It’s a modern take of the effects of climate change that can spark a lot of thought.
Certainly, there is a clear message about helping the environment in this screenplay. The most beautiful aspect is the payback of the human to the environment, which is shown by the young infant that grows to be an environmental activist. This shows that humans and animals can live in harmony if there is a
connection between the two. The screenplay rightfully implies that the estrangement of humans and animals is what destroys nature, and there is hope for a young child to learn to love the earth around it. Generally, we believe the screenplay talks about the idea of a family; what is family to an animal and what is family to a human but it seems everyone’s true mother is the environment which is a wonderful meaning.”





Peter Noel was born in Hungary, as the third child of teachers. Although, Peter’s three novels have already been published in Hungary, ‘129’ is his first feature film as writer, director, and producer. The book adaptation of the film is planned to be released on the day of the film premier, 2020.

He wants to shoot stories that encourage the audience to think further, and will motivate them to watch it again. As a sci-fi, ‘129’ is rich in spectacular visual effects, however, it was a prior perspective to keep them in balance with human aspects and dramatic situations. He believes that the most valuable movies and stories are the ones that are being watched over and over again and yet, there is always something to discover.

He has twenty feature film scripts already written, and he writes unique way, and sheds fresh light in every genre and tells the stories in an authentic way. His goal was to be an excellent screenwriter and to be at the forefront of the international level. His results show that he is on the right way


Your Script Produced International Script Competition, 2019.

TOP50, Finalist. 
Peter Noel: Dea (Drama, Thriller)

Cinequest Screenplay Competition, California, San José, 2020.

TOP50, Semi-finalist with two scripts. 
Peter Noel: The Wardrobe (Drama, War, History) Peter Noel: Artilia (Animation, Adventure, Comedy) 
TOP10, Finalist. 
Peter Noel: The Wardrobe (Drama, War, History)  

Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition, New York, 2020.

TOP50, Semi-finalist. 
Peter Noel: The Evaulator (Drama)